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A terrific actor and a passionate, dedicated student of the theatre. That he became a fine teacher came as no surprise to me. His writing is sharp, funny and original, and he brings much to the table both creatively and as an educator.
– David Mamet

I’ve known Lee for over twenty years now, and what a terrific teacher he’s become. From Chicago to Vermont to New York to LA, there have been many productions and many many students. I love to talk technique with him!
– William H. Macy
Academy Award nominee Fargo; Emmy winner Door To Door; Shameless

Lee is a gifted writer and a long-term standout acting and writing teacher. His students consistently rave about the training they receive in his classes and workshops.
– Clark Gregg
Actor-Filmmaker, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

Lee is the best acting teacher I’ve had in L.A. His technique takes away all the frivolous stuff that confused me in most Hollywood classes and made it simple. I can’t intellectualize it more than say when I’m in his classes, I’m a better actor because of them. Hands down!
– Thesy Surface
Co-star, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (Margaret O’Boyle)

Regarding Lee: He is the real deal! A wonderful teacher, writer and actor.
– Karen Kohlhaas
Director, author of “The Monologue Audition”

A brilliant young acting teacher.
– Jorge Guerra
Former Dean of Theatre, New World School of the Arts, Miami

LMC is a pragmatic, inspiring, specific teacher of acting, who understands the importance and connection between the work of the actor and the training of the body. His text analysis skills help the actor quickly break down the scene into an actable action. 
– Jesse Merz

Former Head of the BFA in Acting and Assistant Professor of Acting, Wayne State University/Hilberry Repertory Theatre, Detroit, MI

The problem with most mainstream movies and sitcoms these days is that they break the first rule of comedy…Rule number one: It has to be funny. The thing I liked most about working with Lee was not only his innate knowledge of rule number one, but his understanding of what comes next. He knows what it is that makes something funny, how to create comedy organically out of the scene, how to turn something mildly amusing into something hilarious and best of all he can teach it to you in a way that makes sense and is easy to follow. There’s no question I did my funniest work in Lee’s class.
Bree Sharp
Hit Recording Artist, “David Duchovny”

A dedicated, talented artist and a committed, insightful teacher and director and teacher.
– Geoffrey Owens
NY theatre veteran and The Cosby Show star 
Lee is a fantastic acting teacher and coach. He has a thorough command and grasp of the Atlantic’s no-nonsense and entirely practical approach. The fundamentals you learn in his class are ones that will stay with you for the rest of your career.
– Johnny Clark
Artistic Director, VS. Theatre Company

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